About Banbric

Established in 1985, Banbric Building is a Pietermaritzburg based company with over 30 years experience in the construction industry.
Our factory is situated at 93 Pentrich Road where we manufacture the high quality concrete components used in our buildings.
The factory also supplies all the components to our other branches and franchisees, thus ensuring the same high quality product wherever the building is built.

What We Do


Have your Banbric garage built in only 4 days!


Our cottages are built to exacting standards and are cost effective.


Construction and completion of classrooms can be done during school holidays.

Other Buildings

The Banbric Building system makes it possible to have neatly finished industrial buildings built in a very short space of time

About Banbric

Our modular system carries Agrément certification and we are registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) which gives our customers added assurance of high quality materials and the very best in workmanship.

A brief overview of our modular system

The concrete components used in the Banbric Building system are manufactured from high grade vibrated reinforced concrete in accordance with the design and specifications of a structural engineer and provides you with a building of substantial structural stability and durability.

The modular buildings are constructed on an engineer designed raft slab, complete with steel reinforcing and plastic underlay.

The exterior walls have either a brick design finish or are plastered and the interior walls are either bag-washed or plastered.

Doors and windows are finished in Meranti hardwood in various sizes.

The engineer designed roof consists of gang nail timber roof trusses complete with underlay and concrete roof tiles. Other options available are corrugated iron, IBR sheeting etc.

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